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fresh, local + organic

a menu focused on organic local fruit + veg, yamba seafood and organic local meats

We source the majority of our produce from the surrounds of the clarence/byron regions + occasionally out of the west Brisbane organic farms, aiming to be 100% Clarence Valley by end of year. We have the best supplier of seafood in the Clarence specialising in line caught wild fish, yamba kingies, local wild octopus, netted sardines + almost anything we can think of. Our organic meats come from a group of farms in the region and we are very excited by the quality we are now receiving. Oh yeah and (almost) everything is house-made from the ground up.



Produce Priority

We came into this business with one goal – producing the best food in the region at the best price point possible. We don’t believe you should have to pay $34 for a run of the mill rump and a side of polenta chips. If we have one base rule it is that you can’t make the best food without the best produce. Thats why we have partnered with premium regional farms in the Clarence Valley, Richmond Valley and Coffs Coast to bring to you the very best organic local produce available – week in week out.

Fresh off the boat

Many local restaurants get their seafoods delivered from suppliers in Sydney, Brisbane and Coffs Harbour. We can’t think of one reason why you would do this. Yamba has year round supply of everything a restaurant needs and more. If we can’t get it local it won’t be on our menu. And speaking of our menu, it adjusts daily to mirror what is it we were able to get from the boys at the Yamba trawlers that morning. Frozen nothing here – just fresh and local and wild caught served to you that night the only way seafood should be eaten.

Highly Trained Chefs

We had a hard time finding chefs for our restaurant. 5 minutes before midnight, we landed two in 2 weeks. We have a sous chef from none other than Neil Perry’s Rockpool Melbourne and our head chef has a resume that features no less than hatted restaurants in Mexico City, Melbourne’s famed Cookie restaurant and many other brow-raising establishments in Melbourne. We wanted quality but we got excellence.

Adult Juice; Natural Wines

One thing you’ll notice is we have an ever expanding natural wine selection. Natural wines are the fastest growing movement in wine and for good reason. Organic is just the start – think no sulphites, unfiltered, unfined, untouched, nat petillant, minimal intervention pure natural wine. Its fermented naturally and goes into the bottle without any sulphur. The natural wine movement is a response, driven in the main by the Millennial generation, to industrial-scale farming practices and bland homogeny.



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